When glasses and contactlenses do not give the required support, magnifiers and specialised filter glasses can offer a solution.

The Magnifier

A magnifier can offer a solution for several situation. In some cases it can support your weak vision, especially when the quality of your eyes no longer allow a sharp vision.

For some a magnifier will be used for a more detailed vision (ex. jewelers, watchmakers, embroiderer, ….)

With a magnifier you will see 4 to 20 times enlarged.

At Claeyssens Optic we offer you a wide range of products, with a high quality for the best optical performance.

The Digital Magnifier

The digital magnifier is developed to offer you an all in one solution, with several options, combined in one magnifier. The ease of use, and the combination of vision enhancing options make it the ideal magnifier for people suffering from low(er) vision.

Looking for something specific? Claeyssens Optic will find it for you.

Specialised filter lenses

Besides magnifiers, we also supply specialised filter lenses. They exist in overspecs, clip-on’s or the filter lenses can be placed in a frame of your choice.

These lenses will usually be used for specific eye diseases. That’s why we often work together with eye doctors or the low vision unit at your hospital. They will offer a more comfortable viewing. And in some cases there can be a refund by governmental institutions.

What do we offer you?

When choosing a magnifier it is crucial for you to be able to test it. Feel free to visit one of our shops, and we will help you choose the best solution for you.