Hearing Aids, Hearing protection & Hearing solutions

Hearing Aids, Hearing protection & Hearing solutions

In Belgium there are more than 1.4 million people with a certain amount of hearing loss. Hearing loss can be caused by many different things, but it is usually due to natural wear as a result of growing older. Your hearing declines gradually without you noticing this.

If you are experiencing hearing loss, it can be an isolating time and hard to accept.

At Claeyssens Optic, we treat everyone with care and understanding. Truly paying particular attention to your individual hearing needs, we do our best to help you.

Our approach:

Through a hearing loss test, we can determine the best approach to help improve your hearing. The audiologist will provide you the most appropriate solution from our wide range of products, with the latest technology on the market today. By selecting the best option to suit you, we consider lifestyle, discretion and budget.The chosen hearing aids can be tested for free and without any obligations for a period of 4 weeks.

Your audiologist:

Héloïse Waterloos has many years of experience in offering various hearing solutions and is an by the RIZIV approved audiologist. Besides she is specialized in the problem of tinnitus and hyperacusis (a condition where every day sounds appear overly loud and can be painful).

Our service:

  • A free trial period from 4 weeks with the selected hearing aids
  • Approved, qualified and professional audiologist by the RIZIV/INAMI
  • Approved by your health insurance company
  • The choice from a wide range of hearing aids from different brands (GN Resound, Phonak, Siemens Signia, Starkey, Widex)
  • The highest quality service
  • The possibility to have 5 year warranty on your hearing aids
  • A range of hearing accessories, whether or not connectable to hearing aids
  • Hearing protection - standard or custom - for music lovers and festival lovers, hunters, motorcyclists, difficult sleepers,...
  • Your audiologist at your disposal for a personal consultation.